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Kim Taeyeon – “Set Me Free” Review

I hate to admit it, but this song makes me feel extremely emotional.

As I clicked play, I knew what to expect. It was going to be fabulous vocals, big belts from our Queen Tae combined with a decent to great song composition. As the song slowly crippled, second by second, I realised I was completely wrong.

I was wrong three times.

I let the music in, headphones in, heart beating. The initial ‘dull’ beginning was not dull at all, but was a representation of one’s deep heartache. It was not dull, but it was hopeless. It expressed helplessness that one can only imagine when placed in the exact position. In my imagination, I can only see a girl locked up in a small dark room. An empty room. The darkness cripples.

Then dull transitioned into hope. “Set me free…Let me be” The cold voice becomes soft and enduring. She is enduring the pain, in search of light. She is walking step by step, higher and higher, towards it. Bathed in light silk, she is looking out at the vast sea. The wind is blowing her straight hair. She is spreading her hands out, breathing in life. She is almost set free from all of her past sorrows. Almost. To me, I can only feel one way when I hear the chorus; right now, nothing matters.

“This isn’t right. Like a fool, I keep shedding tears.” The song ends. But she has not. Her journey continues. Her pain continues, but so does her endurance. In the end, we can only hope that hope will save her.

This is what I see. What do you see?